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Any transgression, before, during or after the hash should be brought to the religious advisor’s attention and presented before the hash for a down down. Accusations can and often do backfire but don’t be afraid, get out in the circle and embarrass a hashser.

Yell  “Are You?” when you are lost and cannot find trail.   A good hasher always answers.  This shout-out is also used to find hashers in a crowd such as an airport, or adult novelties store.

Back Check​ 
A back check means that trail has just ended and somewhere behind you the trail continues.  (See trail marks).


Abbreviation for Northboro Hash House Harriers

“Beer Near” Hash mark indicating a nearby beer stop.

An trail mark that signifies that the trail is possibly changing directions and that new trail starts within 100 meters. (see trail marks).

Circle Up
This is the call to the circle, when you hear this look for the Religious Advisor and make a circle around him.

When more than one hasher is the hare for the trail, they call each other co-hares so they could blame their mistakes on each other.

The last hasher to arrive at the ON-IN.

Down Down
The ceremony of immaculate consumption involving the imbibing BEER.

Yearly elections held to appoint the new mismanagement.

False Trail
A false trail is a trail from a check that ends in an “YBF," aka "You Bloody Fool," or a "CB," aka "Check Back."  Hashers use colorful metaphors for these marks, and remember to thank the Hare with a Down-Down at Circle.  Learn your Trail Marks for details more information about False Trails.

Ordinary baking flour used to mark hash trail.

Front running bastard. Not necessarily the fastest hasher, probably the thirstiest, since he's arrived to the check first.

The hare is the person who lays the trail.   Each week, there is a new group of hares and it’s totally voluntary.   The hare is responsible for laying the trail, moving shag bags, providing the beer, food, and chosing the locations.  Hares are often incompetent and subjected to ridicule.

Affectionate term for hash women, aka "Bimbo."


Hash Cash
The person who collects $5 from each hasher to defray expenses, mostly for BEER.   Also, the $5, itself.

Hash Name
A name or endearment that will be given to you after you’ve done something stupid or memorable.  This name will stick with you, and you not supposed to like it.

Hash Trash
Hash trash is the official, written review of a trail.  It's more fun when someone publishes in online, but it can be a chore delegated to the On-Sec.

Any hash event that joins multiple hashes, usually State, Country and World Wide, with purpose to partake in hashing and to promote the great sport.

Live Hare
This means that the hare lays trail with a 10 minute head start, as opposed to laying trail days or hours ahead of time.  (See Hare Snare)

The group of folks who try to manage the hash, hence the name. Mismanagement is made up of the Religious Advisor, Hash Cash, On-Sec, and Songmeister.

Mother Hash
The mother of all hashes is called Mother Hash, and is based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Each hasher has his or her own mother, which is the kennel where your hashing life was born.

New Boot
A person, especially a Virgin, wearing new shoes to the hash.

On In
When you’re running trail and you see the end of the trail.  Most hashers will start running a bit faster knowing that the beer is near.

On On
What every good hasher should yell whenever they see a trail mark. 


On Out
The section of true trail leading away from a BC.

On On On
Also, On After. The party after the On On where we drink heavily and frolic with the locals at their favorite drinking holes.

On Sec
The person who writes the hash trash and informs the hash of upcoming events in other parts of the hash world.



Racing is something that hashers when someone is not watching.

Any hasher that has been absent for too long, yet miraculously re-appears at a hash.

Religious Advisor
The self-righteous leader of down downs.  Best suited for a drunken loudmouth who is forced into being the religious leader.


Shag Bag
Your most prized personal possession at the hash, it contains all of your dry clothes and ceremonial hash wear.

Shag Wagon
The vehicle that you put your shag bag in so that it will be delivered to the end of the trail.  Also know as "bag car."

Short Cutting Bastard.   Any person that takes a chance on finding the beer sooner by shortcutting trail.

Challenging terrain that common wankers will avoid running in.  Examples include mud, briars, swamps, creeks, etc.  Hashers love it.

On After

A place to go after the run. This is usually the last item discussed in the circle.



Someone who prefers to play by himself or herself, instead of joining in on a hash.

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