We usually charge $5 per Trail to offset expenses, which are mostly due to BEER.  Pay only for the Trails you participate in.  Since you never know when your parole officer, or employer will be surfing the internet, we have a "Closed" facebook page (Northboro Hash House Harriers) to protect the privacy of our Hashers.  We hash in and around NORTHBOROUGH, MA, USA.  If Northborough, MA sounds like it's too far away, visit the Travel Hashing page on this website.

If you're determined to hash with us, then you should seek admittance to our "closed" facebook group.  We like to meet hashing Virgins and take advantage of them regularly. 


Just remember:  Hashing isn't for everyone.  You must have an appreciation of fun, excercise, the outdoors, off-color humor, and you must be 21+ years old to join.

How do I Join NH3?

But, I'm a Facebook Hater!

You don't have facebook?  OK, Mr/Mrs Snowflake - then simply check out the calendar on this webpage, and just show up to a hash.